DIY’ers have been putting vinyl designs on old windows for years. It’s kinda boring now, right? Here’s how to get a look that’s not the same ol’ same ol’.

I got a huge response on social media leading up to Christmas in regards to several projects that I helped my clients with. These projects were things they wanted to make as gifts for friends and family. 

The biggest response was to the windows we helped my friend Jenny make. The windows came from her house, and she wanted to use them to make special gifts for her sisters, mom and mother-in-law. We even made one for Jenny herself.

The window Jenny made for herself. The paint has ‘aged patches’ that make it look really old.

Jenny had pics of the designs she wanted on each window, which we were to do fresh layout and cut the vinyl decals for. I suggested she paint the backside of the windows to provide contrast for the black vinyl, as we didn’t really know what color the walls would be that the windows would hang on, and if the wall is too dark, the design won’t really show up.

These windows will shout their message no matter what color wall they end up on.

So we used a technique that I chanced into several years ago through experimentation.

Even though I posted the pics with the disclaimer that they were done for a client, I still had people commenting on social media wanting to buy them. THAT’S how pretty they turned out!

I made several for my show in Tulsa in January; click here to learn how to “get the look.”

Check it out and drop a comment, tell me what ya think. If you’d like to make one of these with a special design, I’m happy to help! I have quite a few in stock in the store right now as well.

Enjoy, and don’t forget, you can make an appointment with me anytime to do a custom project! We usually have several window workshops throughout the year. You can book a spot in one on the eventbrite site. Follow this link to see availability in Fall Window Workshops.

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  1. Angie you are so gifted!!! Love your talent and love being able to pop in with some hair brained idea and you snap your fingers and we make it come to life.
    Love you!

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