I finally got electric ran to the apartment over the studio! It’s the cutest little space, and I can’t wait till we get it all fixed up and I can crash up there for a few hours when I’m on a creating spree.

The girls will LOVE having a real homey space to hang out and do their school work. While we have a nice little classroom in the studio, I know sometimes they long for a couch to stretch out on or a chair to snuggle up in for a good read.

I look forward to hosting friends from out of town up there. Our house, while large, isn’t set up for hosting. It only has one bathroom and two bedrooms, and the living room is barely big enough for a loveseat and our recliners. This will be great for entertaining and hosting.

I also am looking to put it on Airbnb. I don’t know about you, but for the last couple years, any time I travel, I gravitate toward Airbnb over hotels. No bleachy smell. No doors slamming in the middle of the night. There’s ALL the comforts of home: a full kitchen, comfy furniture that wasn’t bought with a thousand other pieces just like it, and a laundry room. I love going home with clean laundry. And, every Airbnb I have stayed at has been in a really interesting location. One had a fantastic view of the mountains out the back door. One was in an industrial paint factory. One was in the basement of a house in the downtown of a huge city. They all had this…CHARACTER. You don’t get that in a hotel, and THIS apartment has ALL the character. It’s so perfect.

I penciled out the income potential from renting it out LESS than half the month, and it would make a nice side income for us as well.

It’s like this amazing time capsule, too. I have a tiny view of the storefront (you’ll see it if you watch the Intro video), which I cannot wait to uncover. I want to take it back to the original facade. I got pics from the Barton County Historical Society that show what the original crown moulding looks like. The company that makes those metal ornaments is still in business, 30 miles away, so I’m hoping I can take the photo up there and see if they still make that design so that I can stay true to the original building.

Take a tour of the upstairs here: Town Square Apartment Rehab Intro and make sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

Stick with me as I post regular updates on my progress, victories, setbacks (cuz there will be setbacks), and time capsule discoveries!

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  1. I can’t wait to see the progress- I would move in to next door if I could in a heartbeat- I love original old buildings.

    Also, staying at BNBs when I’m in a place for more than one night- perfect! hotels are not creative- nor inspiring! Nothing better than going home with a weeks worth of clean clothes or being able to pack lighter because I can wash 🙂

    1. YES! I say this! i like being able to take home clean clothes!!! hahaha! I’d rather stay in a bnb…”inspiring” is the right word!

      1. Was in MO for a week with red power, stayed in the cutest old house in the square- was kind of a mini village- actually looked forward to that week with this kids- they could get away and do their own thing, hang out, it was much more pleasant than a hotel- and the comparative cost was actually less!!!

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