Industrial Salvage West Bottoms, DIY, My Studio Flip, New Junk
Industrial Salvage West Bottoms, DIY, My Studio Flip, New Junk

Industrial Salvage West Bottoms, DIY, My Studio Flip, New Junk

So, do you feel like you’re wading through concrete, in regards to getting ANYTHING done? I’m calling it The Covid Cement.

All summer long, I have struggled. I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t had any shows to keep the wind in my sails since January. While I’ve been creating, it hasn’t been huge amounts of anything or anything crazy impressive in my opinion.

…What HAVE I been doing?…

I have been in the garden. I have been on the farm. I have been teaching teaching teaching my girls. We schooled year-round. We have been wild crafting and foraging. I have been creating. I have been working on changing up the studio. I have been driving to KC frequently. I have been slowly finishing out and stocking my booth space and helping to flip the layout of the building where I rent space there in the West Bottoms.

So I’ve been plenty busy, but it just feels like I haven’t done ALL the things. You know, how I’m always producing SOMETHING. Lots has been happening, but I don’t have a lot to show for it. But I will, my friend. While I try and try to make progress on several projects, I am not seeing a lot of results, but there IS progress happening, and there IS a shining star amongst it all…

My first two months in KC, June and July, I turned a profit, nothing huge, but a profit at all is good, so they say, for one’s first month in the neighborhood. August’s First Friday event was tremendous for me. I set a store record for sales on Saturday. I had more sales (in our store, the largest in the bottoms) than any vendor has ever had on a Saturday of a First Friday Warehouse Weekend. I had TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of the store’s sales that day. Martin’s Memories has 4 floors of vendors. So…I still got it, yall. My goals are WAY bigger than what I’m doing right now, but I am on my way.


The September and October Warehouse Weekend events are going to be incredible. Come up there and see what it’s all about, especially if you’ve not been there before.

KC has a mask mandate, so you’ll have to wear a mask while inside the buildings. There are a couple areas where you can take a shopping break outdoors and grab food from several food trucks, or enjoy a cocktail out in the open air.


I’m not doing any. Why? Well, I have the really nifty space up at KC, where I don’t have to tear it all down and move it home after two days, so I’m focusing on selling there. Martin’s Memories is open EVERY WEEKEND. There is a classroom space on the 4th floor there, and I’ve got workshops scheduled for that space as well! I’m planning a TOOLS 101 Workshop, a FALL WINDOWS workshop and an ODE TO A BROOM workshop.


I didn’t mention the studio much in this narrative because THAT is what I’m making the slowest progress on…the studio flip, so to speak. I’m going for a CLASSROOM WORKSHOP vibe. Work tables for small projects on each side and a central workshop area in the middle of the studio for classes of all kinds. At the rear, all of the windows, wood, retail products, and hardware. The workshop in the rear will be insulated and reserved for “rough work” like sawing and sanding, and for exclusive workshops.

It’s coming along, just not as quickly as I’d like, because I have to get plenty of sleep and love on my chirrens and grow food and do yoga and feed cows. Ya know, just another farmgirl supermama exercising her muscles.

I’m telling myself I need to be doing more, but this is a hard time…as a parent, as a wife, as an artist, as a business owner, as a human…it’ll come tho. I’m trusting that it’s just a patch of gravel on the highway of life and will be behind me soon enough.

As always, thanks for sticking with me, friends. Hope to see you between now and Christmas for our most wonderful time of the year, when we create the coolest gifts and decor of each year.



Fall workshops are filling up; go to to book yourself a spot. I haven’t scheduled any past Halloween, so NOW is the time to book a date for you and your friends to celebrate Christmas together in a creating sesh. Just holler at me to book a date.


Watch my YouTube channel for new tutorials. I posted a new one last week that is great for KIDS AND ADULTS: Thread Spool Angel Ornament Tutorial. It shows how to use several small salvage items, including wine corks and champagne cages, to make angel ornaments.

Keep your eyes on my Facebook and Pinterest accounts as well. New crafting kits and retail products are in the works! Kits for baler twine witches, scarecrow gnomes and more!

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