Hey friends! I want to list the tools I keep at hand when I am creating loom jewelry to make the process easier. I’ll add in some details about each tool and how I use it. Some of this stuff comes in sets, which can save you some dollars in the long run, as they’re good for using in other jewelry projects. All links are affiliate links, which help pay for blog upkeep.

Cookie Sheet – I put my bead mat on a cookie sheet, and the edges keep stray beads from heading to the floor. When i need to pause or put away a project for a break or for an evening, I can just put the entire cookie sheet away with everything on it. They’re super cheap at Dollar Tree, but the link shows you what size to look for. 

Bead Reamer – Sometimes beads have junk stuck in the middle. A bead reamer is diamond-coated, and helps sand an opening wider if needed.

Small screwdriver (for spreading and prying) – Handy for widening out bracelet bar ends. This set will come in handy more than you can imagine.

Spreading tweezers – Handy for widening out bracelet bar ends, and when you let off the handles with a bead in their grasp, they don’t let go, which makes these tweezers a sort of third hand.

Small scissors – Keep them for your beading bag alone. Threaten your husband and children over these scissors. They’re no good for cutting fireline anymore if you use them on paper or plastic.Tim Holtz scissors are amazing. 

Tweezers – you’ll need tweezers for sorting beads, pulling threads, etc. It helps to have a selection.

Bead scoops – You can pick up a lot of beads really fast and have them bagged or bottled in no time with these scoops. I use the small one the most.

Pliers – I like having two sets of straight pliers: one with smooth jaws and one with ridged jaws. Same for bent pliers. The ridges are handy for gripping some things, but can scratch others. I use them to squeeze down the bracelet bar ends after I’ve spread them to fit a large bead.This set has one pair of each, and several other handy pairs. 

Small ruler – I keep mine laying out on the cookie sheet with my work.

Crochet Hook – My bead weaving friend Colette hooked me on this one…use the hook to move your warp threads after they’re tight on the loom.

Loom – your best value is to get the Learn to Loom Pack on my website, which comes with a long needle, a beading mat and a roll of Fireline, but here’s a link so you can see what comes with it.

Extra Needles – Sometimes I use the same needle for multiple projects, but I broke two in a row the other day on the same project. Better get some extras on hand. This size is my favorite.

Fireline – You need good line to make good jewelry. This is the best. I prefer Smoke color. Some prefer the crystal color.

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