My new homestead studio, Junkyard Farmgirl Live Art events, book one-on-one workshop time! Also, I got hacked, lost 6,000 followers, so go follow my new Facebook page.
My new homestead studio, Junkyard Farmgirl Live Art events, book one-on-one workshop time! Also, I got hacked, lost 6,000 followers, so go follow my new Facebook page.

My new homestead studio, Junkyard Farmgirl Live Art events, book one-on-one workshop time! Also, I got hacked, lost 6,000 followers, so go follow my new Facebook page.

Eek! I dropped the ball there…

I’ve been so busy the last week or so that i forgot to blog about doing Live Art at my studio on Saturday. Sheesh. I sincerely meant to let everyone possible know about it. Upcoming events are listed below so you can just pop back in here anytime to check. Or screenshot the schedule and make it your screensaver. Just kidding, I’m not that cool. But it would be cool if I was haha.

So I got into my blog and found that I started to tell all about it last week. But I hadn’t gotten any further than writing a headline. That’s the life of a squirrel, in a nutshell. I must’ve gotten pulled away by the kids or by reorganizing the workshop, which has been a big priority for me. I feel better when things are in order, but getting it there is a huge chore.

What I’ve been up to lately…

I have converted the little sunroom off of the garage into a little work studio…I hung metal on the walls under the windows to cover the wood and hung twine above the windows to hang sacking to block the light so that I get the proper exposure for videos. It’s the best workspace I’ve had thus far, being airtight and heatable, and since I’m unable to do metal work inside at the studio in town, I’ve made the best of it at home, creating a small space to cut and weld and record video. I’m learning about using the iMovie app to edit videos, and how best/quickest/easiest ways to post to all the social media channels with the least amount of time and effort. Also, Idea Pins on Pinterest is a new thing that could help my website traffic and sales tremendously, but there’s a bit of a learning curve to that, and I’m working on using video and photos to create some engaging Idea Pins. I need to create a product catalog for Pinterest, which is going to take some time. My little workshop out there is my happy work place, away from the messy house and domestic chores. I like the separation, albeit a small one. I like the sun coming in the windows and being able to look up and see out for a mile. It helps when I feel bogged in computer work, which as we all know, is not my favorite thing, but this space makes it so much more likeable! I like being able to walk right inside and fix lunch. And i like that I can easily transition from one thing to the next, like computer work in the morning, then woodworking for a bit, then on to beekeeping after the temperatures warm up.

Speaking of bees, I’ve made it through winter with 5 surviving colonies (one tiny one died and the lid blew off the other due to my own negligence and froze it out). I’ve done one inspection where I fed grease patties and placed spacers on top to add syrup feeders when it gets just a bit warmer, and I plan to do some spring cleaning in the hives next week. If all goes well, we’ll have some honey to sell this year and I’ll go into next winter with around a dozen colonies.

We’ve planted kohl crops in the last couple weeks. I’ve been amending my perennial garden since I moved here and built it, so I decided to plant our food in it this year. We’ve got little radish, turnip, beet, arugula and pea seedlings peeping up already. I love it because it’s right outside the back door.

I got a toy hauler with living quarters. So I now have a workshop on wheels that I can sleep in as well. It’ll be perfect for Live Art events that are away from home, and we’ll have a spot to stay when we’re at Silver Dollar City in the fall. We’ve been working on the garage in the rear, tearing out stud walls that had been built in the past (it was a food truck) and planning how to add organization solutions and turn it into a little mobile workshop. It’s a big, scary step, and I took it at the scariest time of year, but it’s going to work so well for us, I wish it was September already.

2022 Schedule

I’ve also spent a lot of time in front of the calendar, filling it with dates. The schedule for 2022 is complete at this time!

My in-person events are ALL Live Art events!!! We’re working on logistics for live art in Kansas City, so I should be doing Live events up there on first Fridays by the time the weather warms up. The flea markets listed are there because I’m a try to cram in a visit or two to them this summer in preparation for SDC in the fall.

Book a workshop

I’m also taking bookings for one-on-one workshops at the homestead. You just need to email me at [email protected] to set up a time. I dispensed with the fancy sales funnels I had set up for bookings. They’re expensive and take a lot of time to keep up, and I’m just not happy with the results I was getting. I was spending a lot of time promoting the funnels and still having to answer a lot of questions for those interested, so I’m right back where I started: talking to you myself and setting up time with you. Which is great. If I’m too busy to talk to you, I’m seriously doing something wrong.

Here’s how it works: we work together to set up a time. I enter your customer info in Square Appointments and into my You Booked a Workshop email automation. You receive a “confirm your appointment and pay” text message with a link to pay. After that, you’ll receive a text reminder the day before your workshop, and you’ll receive an email series with workshop details including what to wear and how to get here. Then we make something together.

This is perfect for those of you who’ve never laid eyes on a plasma cutter or welder before. It’s also perfect for y’all who’ve already been here and gotten a beginner course! Just book a time to come out and freshen up your skills and advance your abilities in the metal shop!

I’ll be setting these appointments according to my availability, but as of now, I’m able to book appointments in 2-hour blocks several days a week.

Typical time blocks are 2 hours at $40/hour. 2 hours is plenty of time to create a sculpture, make a sign, or cut a fire ring. The fire ring workshops include a $30 material charge for a total of $110. I’m happy to entertain whatever idea you might have for your own design on a sculpture or fire ring!

I’m working on streamlining the process a bit so that you can simply book in the website, but getting it set up so that I don’t have to purchase any extra booking plugins is a bit challenging, so please bear with me and use [email protected] to hit me up for booking time until I have time to figure that out.

I Got Hacked.

My Junkyard Farmgirl facebook page was stolen from me about a month ago. I’m unable to access 10 years of content and over 5,700 followers. I’ve had a second business page for nearly 5 years called Farmgirl Timbers, which I created for the sole purpose of posting the salvaged materials that I have in stock. It was just too difficult to post to two pages, so I let that one go to the wayside and only focused on the art page. I swapped right over to the Farmgirl Timbers page and have been gaining a few of my old followers back, but it’s a far cry from 6,000.

I’d like to follow best practices and grow back to that and beyond, so I used my new recording space to do my first Live feed in quite awhile last night, streaming to Farmgirl Timbers on facebook while streaming to Junkyard Farmgirl on YouTube and Instagram.

I cut this barrel lid and a pretty little teapot luminary. I’m uncertain that I’m finished with the barrel lid. It looks pretty all edited with color boost on the computer, but I’m thinking about welding a bright piece of stamped tin to the back so that the silver shines through the cracks, and brushing black paint over the rusted lid for nice contrast.

I’ve got some videos ready to edit for TikTok, but I’m a bit slow about my learning these days. I’ve created an account over there, but I haven’t posted yet. Soon enough!

See other new creations here under the Luminaries category of my shop.

Studio Hours and New Activities

Our business hours at the studio have shifted…I need Carla to help me at the homestead workshop on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so we’ve expanded our studio hours on Friday (11am-7pm) and Saturday (8am-4pm). This last weekend, I was there and we emptied the glass jar installment from the front windows and readied the space to hold luminaries. It looks good; drive by at night sometime and have a look!

We’ve been working on getting rid of materials that are cluttering up the place and gathering up cool materials for doing Crafty Fondue, which is a hotplate full of hot glue that you dip your materials into before sticking them on a wreath or a picture frame or any of the really cool stuff we’ve been gathering for project bases. This is a fun “gather ’round the table with a few friends” activity that will bring some childlike joy to your life. I mean, who doesn’t wanna play with glue and popsicle sticks??? Seriously tho, we have popsicle sticks. Come on in and see us.

Until then, I’m much obliged to you for following.

xo, Angie

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