Hello my friends. Are you ready to see what Q4 looks like for the farmgirls?

We’ve been busy doing all the things. Here’s a recap to get you in the loop. Mom and I listed our farm (Gastel Grain LLC) after we returned from Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival 2022 and sold it in December. We’re happy with how things have shaped out since then, with a few key highlights: […]

Farmgirl Toolbox Tip #2203: The Pricing Bot

I talked about my pricing robots in my last Toolbox Tip on The Pricing Kit. A valuable time-saver, you won’t regret adding one to your tool arsenal. My pricing bots are thermal printers that only require thermal labels (they come by the roll) and the occasional recharging. An app on my phone runs the bot […]

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The Pheasant

How do you recycle a stuffed pheasant? My bestie’s dad, Bob, was a magnificent shot with a shotgun despite only having one arm. I shot many a clay bird with him as a teenager, and it never failed to amaze me that he never missed. Through happenstance this past fall, I ended up with a […]

Be Wild. Create.

Why do I create? I love making junk into useful and/or beautiful products. I also love teaching others how to find their inner creative. Recycling lights me up; it makes me feel I’m carrying on my family’s heritage of frugality, ingenuity and straight up pioneer spirit. This all generates passion in me by giving people […]

Farmin’ Junk

Letting go. Creativity takes courage. In late November 2017, I finished my last harvest as a row crop farmer. I had already opened my store in town, and was working double time to keep it open while doing my field work. Our auction was scheduled for December 9th, and we just had soybeans remaining in […]