2-Hour Metal Workshop Wednesday June 15
2-Hour Metal Workshop Wednesday June 15

2-Hour Metal Workshop Wednesday June 15


Purchase this product to book a 2-hour Workshop with one-on-one instruction in my metal shop.*

2-hour Wednesday workshops take place between 10am and 3pm on Wednesdays and between 10am and 8pm on Thursdays between April 13 and June 30.

I only book one per day on Wednesday and two on Thursday, so if your session runs over, there’s nothing to worry about; I’ve got plenty of time to spend with you. Everyone learns differently. You may finish in under 2 hours and you may run closer to 3. No worries, either way, you’ll go home with a great piece of art!

If you’d like to book a workshop with a friend, select a Thursday workshop and select 2 in the quantity. If you aren’t able to enter 2 as a quantity, that means someone has already booked one of the Thursday times and you should select a different Thursday.

You’ll learn the skills needed to complete the project of your choosing: a fire ring (plasma cutting), a metal sculpture (plasma cutting and arc welding), a 3D sign (plasma cutting and mig welding), a funky 3D flower (plasma cutting and arc/mig welding), or a set of 3 luminaries (plasma cutting).

Look at the gallery of photos on this product to see what you can make.

If the materials needed to complete your project go beyond what is normally allotted in a workshop, there will be an additional materials charge to be paid at the time of your workshop. There won’t be any surprises though…I work with you from the moment you book so that you are totally prepared before you come out. I want to know what you’re thinking, what you might want to make, what or who it’s for, and how you might envision your project upon completion.

I always supply practice materials for you to use when getting started with your skills. You may end up using them during your project, or you may end up with extra fun stuff to take home at the end of your workshop!

Simply add this product (make sure you chooose the product with the correct date) to your cart, and specify at checkout which 2-hour frame you’d like to book. The latest slot on Wednesday is 1:00 and Thursday is 6:00. We’ll be in touch via email very soon to confirm and get you all the details you’ll need to prepare for your workshop.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

*Age 15 and up. If you want me to teach a younger person, I recommend contacting me to book two or three separate 1-hour sessions.

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