My Signature Purse is a compact yet roomy shoulder bag with an outer and inner pocket, durable French seam construction, and features decorative stitching.

The details on 90001: Chase Seamless Extra Quality seed sack with burgundy striping, Civil War reproduction fabric lining, antique bronze hardware, real leather handles, outer and inner pocket. Handle is non-adjustable with the length set so that your fingertips reach to the bottom of the bag.

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I hand-craft my purses to be FUNctional! I use vintage seed sacks, vintage yardage, curtains, reclaimed canvas mail bags, vintage linens, and REAL LEATHER STRAPS. I use antique brass hardware, and my telltale mark is large sleek 1.5″ grommets. Some of my bags feature old rusty rings reclaimed from retired horse harness. Make sure to check the product descriptions for details on special accents. Due to the nature of reclaimed materials and the mysterious origins of the sacking in particular, each seed sack has it’s own hue, stains, repairs, and number stampings. I find the lining on “shop hops,” wherein I go shopping for bag lining fabric. I don’t buy fabric unless it speaks to me, and I only buy enough of each print to make one or maybe two bags. The result is a durable, unique, beautiful bag that you’ll pass down someday, as it is sure to stand the test of time. The bottom of each bag is signed and dated by me.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in


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