Dried Mullein Leaf
Dried Mullein Leaf

Dried Mullein Leaf



Mullein is an expectorant, and using just a pinch daily when you brew your morning coffee or tea will provide relief all day. The .5-oz pack will last several months when used daily.

Brew, drink up and get ready. You’ll feel your sinuses draining within minutes.

I grind my own coffee beans and use a French press to make my coffee, adding a pinch of dried mullein leaf to the press with my ground beans before adding boiling water. You can simply add a pinch of dried mullein leaf to your coffee grounds in your coffee machine.

My kids ask me for tea with mullein in it when they’re all stuffy. It works wonderfully for all ages.

Mullein, a biennial, grows in poor soils across the US. I cultivate a patch of the native plant in my back yard and only harvest first-year growth for my dried tea. The flowers are also medicinal, and we harvest those to make a carrier oil for essential oils for pain.




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