Neck Knife Turquoise Flower
Neck Knife Turquoise Flower

Neck Knife Turquoise Flower


Open boxes, cut twine, open paint cans (Damascus steel is STRONG), whittle, dig, chip, scrape, or tuck into your fist for self-defense. I use mine in the garden SO much too!

Vintage jewelry, Czech glass beads and crystals, quality metal beads, natural stone elements and Vintaj patina paint make these absolutely unique works of art. The blades are one-of-a-kind.

✨Damascus steel blade (never 2 alike)
✨Leather sheath made in Texas
✨Walnut handle
✨Vintaj patina paint by yours truly
✨Czech glass crystals
✨Czech glass beads
✨Real metal beads
✨Natural stone beads
✨I make each chain to complement each vintage brooch.




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