Wasabi Bowl
Wasabi Bowl

Wasabi Bowl


I like having a small tray in my loom work area for holding my project beads. Having a favorite little tray just makes my work area homey and they are quite functional.

My beading trays are small treasures that I find here and there. Some are new stock, some are vintage china or orphaned tea set pieces. What appeals to me is that these pieces are small (easy to include in a small work area), they are shallow, and they have a gradual curve at the edge that contains the beads easily but it’s also easy to slide a single bead out of the tray under my fingertip.

This little wasabi bowl has a pretty design. It’s small, and a little deeper than my other beading trays, but the slope of the sides is what is appealing to me; it’s really great for sorting beads bc it’s easy to pull out singles.

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