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Hi, I’m Angie, the Junkyard Farmgirl.

I create art from salvaged materials. Whether I’m plasma cutting custom designs on gas cans and old saws or I’m making tiny pieced wood quilt blocks, I love to create LIVE right there in front of my guests. It’s my heARTwork. 

Follow me on my media channels to see how I create art from barn scraps, metal objects and other treasures that I find in my travels around the midwest in search of the best junk.

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I have an extensive background in agriculture, and I create functional decor and art from salvaged materials. My soul jam is creating custom metal art on demand right there in front of the customer. When I’m not creating art with my plasma cutter and welders, I’m salvaging metal and wooden materials and creating in my workshop at my homestead in rural southwest Missouri.

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Interview with a Junker: Where I Found My Why and How to Find Yours

A few years ago, I did an exercise in a business training that helped me to identify why I really love to do what I do, and my notes and progress from that exercise still are helping me to hone in on what really matters to me. I started with a basic question, then turned my answer into another question, then turned that answer into another question, and so on. Over time, I wrote it up as an interview, and I’ve revisited it, edited it, and ultimately felt it reveal my purpose. Q: Why did you start your junk art shop?     I had all sorts of rusty junk on the farm, and I wanted to use it, so I welded up flowers out of it and started selling it. I like to take junk and castoffs and turn it into something useful and beautiful. It was a welcome creative outlet after weeks of sitting in a tractor seat during those times of year. Before I knew it, I was hoarding flea market magazines and when I was working ground or planting crops, I’d set the auto steer on the tractor and thumb through all sorts of pages, and

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