About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Angie, the Junkyard Farmgirl. I create functional decor and art from metal objects. I love to create LIVE right there in front of the customer. Catch me creating live in 2022 at any of the events in the schedule below.

I teach women how to use a plasma cutter and welder to hand-craft their own art from salvaged materials. The people who say they aren’t creative ALWAYS leave with the best art; I’ll put you in touch with your creative side and awaken your inner artist.

Teaching is important to me. I love helping people learn how to do new things with their hands! I teach hands-on metal workshops at my homestead metal shop. CLICK HERE to book a spot in one of my plasma cutting or welding workshops.

I love making junk into useful and/or beautiful products and teaching others how to find their inner creative.

Recycling lights me up; I’m carrying on my family’s heritage of frugality, ingenuity and straight-up pioneer spirit. Teaching my kids the principals that fuel my fire for creating is a big part of our life. They both love being in the metal shop and the studio with me.

This one loves being in the metal shop.
Finishing a new wall in our space in Kansas City.
Tearing down an unwanted building.

Follow me on social media to catch me during a Live Q&A, or to see how I create art from all manner of salvaged metal materials. My social media links are at the top and bottom of the main page.

My mission is to empower myself and other women through salvaged materials art, and to delight others in my creations. I inspire women to think outside the box, to use their hands, to learn to do things that haven’t always been acceptable for girls and women, to see the beauty in the broken, and to access their wilder creative side.


Work is play–Living our best lives at Baker-Spain Stampede, a beautiful cross-section of country folks in the heartland with live farmgirl art, trail riding, camping, cold swimming holes, ranch rodeo, chuckwagon racing and live music.

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