Hello my friends. Are you ready to see what Q4 looks like for the farmgirls?

Interview with a Junker: Where I Found My Why and How to Find Yours

New Product! ::: SOLAR PORCH LIGHT SIGNS made from vintage metal safe deposit boxes from the Bank of Alba!

Farmgirl Toolbox Tip #2203: The Pricing Bot

Fingerpainting life into old furniture: Art Deco Waterfall Chest

Walk with me step by step through painting this waterfall chest.

Fingerpainting life into old furniture: Old Chippy White Dresser Set

Farmgirl Toolbox Tip #2202: The Pricing Kit

Farmgirl Toolbox Tip #2201: Start with a Toolbox


My debut as a craftswoman at Silver Dollar City

My first published article in over 10 years!

Your Comprehensive Tool Kit for Doing ALL the Loom Beading with Junkyard Farmgirl

My customer wasn’t sure what she wanted, so we put our heads together and I did something new…I cut a BB gun in half with my plasma cutter! See how I paired it with a silo door for a great up-cycled “Guydea”!

Interview with a junker: The free junk is where I profit. Yes, I do all the welding myself. It never shuts off; my brain is constantly inventing.

The video my fans love to hate

How to make gifts your neighbors will hide from their spouses

How to Make this functional DIY Children’s Bench from Scrap Barn Wood

Seeya in the 72-year-old funny papers under the linoleum!

Double Duty: How to make money twice from one hunk of junk.

Is money keeping you from being creative?

First tour of the big apartment rehab project

Get the streaky antiquey look by mixing stain and paint!

Do weird things: Turning our pool into a Greenhouse

Bring on the good junk

In rust we trust: old grain bin, new gazebo