This luminary is cut from a freon canister from an HVAC friend. It has a hole in the bottom rear to slip in a candle. This Skellington luminary isn’t just Halloween decor; it’s a year-round nod for the Tim Burton fans out there! Because I freehand the design onto the canister, no two are alike, but you’ll always feel the love!

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Jacks are my Jack o’Lanterns and other luminaries made from salvaged metal containers like oil cans, fuel containers, coolant canisters, propane tanks, coffee pots, tiny hand oilers, and any other metal can that I might be able to recycle!

Large Jacks are made from large metal containers like fuel or oil cans, metal buckets, freon canisters, propane tanks, cream cans, chicken waterers, and even stock tanks.

Each Jack has either a hole in the bottom (or use Jack’s mouth) to insert a candle OR a hole in the top to add a solar light. Check individual product descriptions for details.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 in