My customer wasn’t sure what she wanted, so we put our heads together and I did something new…I cut a BB gun in half with my plasma cutter! See how I paired it with a silo door for a great up-cycled “Guydea”!

Sonya brought me her son’s old “Buck” BB gun. It had been non-working, out of commission, for years, and she wanted to do something with it for her son’s birthday. He’s grown and out of the home, so she had some kind of decor in mind, but she wasn’t sure what she could do with […]

Double Duty: How to make money twice from one hunk of junk.

“Do you do anything else with the fuel cans that we could use during other parts of the year?” I get this question a lot when I’m selling my Jacks in the fall. And being sort of a people-pleaser, I am trying to oblige. When I was brain-dumping ideas of what to do with vintage […]

Bring on the good junk

I did something I have never done before: I brought scrap home from the scrap yard and made it into something pretty. I know, you’re supposed to come home with an EMPTY trailer. But it’s OK to break the rules every now and then, right? It IS, especially when it could be profitable. The scrap […]